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summercomfort ([personal profile] summercomfort) wrote2017-07-03 10:13 am


It's not exactly a holiday but sort of a holiday, which means it's a quiet workday!

- get all the fanstuff ready to post
--- finish drafting RBB comic
--- finish inking RBB comic
--- finish inking steeb bday comic
--- shade RBB comic
--- color steeb bday comic

- get HCC website stuff ready to go
--- Make G8-AP page content
--- update images in G5-7 and G8-9 online hw pages
--- double-check that all of the help pages have been moved over
--- duplicate the parentadvice page to make middle school and high school parent advice pages
--- make New School ordering guide
--- make new School Support

Long-shot stuff:
- Make new Video pages
- send textbook covers and cd labels to printers
- process checks and deposit them. (remember to ask about that monthly $30 charge on personal acct)