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summercomfort ([personal profile] summercomfort) wrote2017-05-18 12:53 am

Well, that's that

Over the last few days, I've been having some personal angst because the transition of our company (as I'm leaving to do teaching) has hit me rougher than expected. There's been a lot of personnel turmoil, and I was having a hard time accepting the person that my mom wanted to pick as the manager, because I felt like he was often brusque and dismissive of other people.

But yanno what?
(A) That's a difference of communication style. I think he still cares a lot about the company and wants to take it overall in the right direction, and
(B) I'm not working there starting August, so
----(a) the communication difference won't be an issue, and
----(b) I really have no say in the this decision -- I was the one to abandon the company first, so I can't be butthurt about the company moving on without me.

So I'm gonna do my best to wrap up my work, and look forward to teaching again! (omg, classroom interaction, control over my own curriculum, having colleagues that I know better how to socialize with ... ::excite::)

(Incidentally, I'm also trying to wrap up my fandom work, so... I guess I'm ending much of the stuff I've been dedicated to in the last 3 years. No wonder I'm feeling so much emotion about this!)

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