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summercomfort ([personal profile] summercomfort) wrote2017-05-16 10:37 am

The only way out is through

These last few weeks, oy vey. A lot of various family members being sick. Rutabaga fell and slit her head open and had to get staples (there's staples! in her head! wtf!). There has been office upheaval, and I'm behind on everything.

But: I found a daycare for Aurora that starts in September that I think will be good for her -- it's next to work, so there's more commuting involved, but the people speak Chinese, has a program that goes all the way up to pre-K, and seem like good people.

There's been so much work drama that I'm at a stage where I... just don't care anymore. I'll finish my projects, pass stuff to the next manager person, and then I'll be outta here.

- The Shuihu text is completely unedited and is taking me a long time to even align the paragraphs to the sound files. I have 5 weeks' content left to do, which translates to 10 hours.
- I have no idea how the LuluFeifei text is going to go, seeing as I stole it from the internet. But it *seems* shorter, which would maybe make it 5 hours' work?
- I need to set up the Chunleiji collections for print, which should take me a day.
- I need a day just to focus on finance stuff.
- There's some graduation stuff that maybe I can hand off.
- There's also some fandom work that I need to do.
- We have one Ben visiting this weekend and another Ben visiting next weekend.

So, time allotments this week:
1-5pm: Shuihu + Graduation
9-11pm: Lineart

1-5pm: Shuihu
9-11pm: HTB

9am-12pm: Shuihu
1pm-3pm: Lulu
3-5pm: meetings
9-11pm: HTB

1-4pm: Lulu
4pm: pick up Ben

1-5pm: Chunleiji
9-11pm: HTB

Then I can polish off Chunleiji stuff on next Monday and send it off to the printers.

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