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summercomfort ([personal profile] summercomfort) wrote2017-04-24 10:50 pm

To Do

Well, my new teaching job is going to start on Aug 11, and so ... got a lot of stuff I need to finish before then.

I think I'm going to take tomorrow off and just schlump. (Well, actually I'm going to hold the baby until 11:30am and then run various errands 5:15pm, and then go pick her up. Which is kind of like taking a day off because I will reward myself with poke and doing art and home errands instead of Work Errands.)

Stuff to do in the next few days:

Home things:
- mail out stuff
- start looking for daycare
- write thank you notes to my references, maybe sneak in and put in their faculty mailboxes?
- write responses to school welcome emails
- update website
- sort/move comics, also the hallway closet

Work things:
- fix the faces on G3-4 artwork
- data entry for summer homework
- make PPT slides for mom's talk
- keep working on improving the website (urg I'm so fucking tired of everyone being like "oh we should do this" but no one actually doing the thing.)

Art things:
- post rutabaga comic
- draft the comic bit for the fic person
- draw some HTB stuff
- write some RBB fic

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