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summercomfort ([personal profile] summercomfort) wrote2017-02-24 11:11 pm

slowing down, catching up

Man, having random back problems pop up out of nowhere on Sunday night totally messed up my week. :/

And now I have a lot of catch-up to do.

Well, nowadays I feel like I *always* have a lot of catch-up to do.

BUT, things that I should really do in this coming week:
- Get my JOB APP SHIT together
- Finish the sound editing and image editing for G8 and G9 (halfway there!!)
- email that rando fanart fest librarian -- is he still running it?
- Next Sunday is the Symposium/Gala thing!

I think I should take a fanart break and get my websites sorted out --
- I need to host my AO3 images on my own server instead of hotlinking from tumblr (very unreliable).
- I need to set up

Unfort this next week will also be pretty busy on the CapRBB front. :/