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Easy "reblogging" a specific public post or comment thread

I just made the following suggesting to the DW Suggestions Box, but wanted to post it here for safekeeping:

Summary: One-click to share someone else' public post to your own journal or community, possibly also highlighting a specific comment thread within that post.

Right now, when I see a public post on my Reading page that I want to share with my subscribers, I have to manually copy the link of that post into a new post, as well as a snippet of that original post, and maybe some of the relevant comments that I want to highlight/comment on. It'd be cool if there was an easier way of doing that.

Some ideas of implementation:
- have a "share on my journal" link on public (unlocked) entries. Clicking on that will automatically create a new post draft that has the link to the original entry, the text of the original entry, as well as links to the comments section of the original entry. This way would be pretty clunky, but probably works the most within the existing structure of posting.

- Better: Clicking on the "share on my journal" link will basically show the original entry on my journal, with the original poster's info on the top left corner of the entry, to indicate that it's not originally mine. Clicking on the "comments" section will go directly to that original entry's comments section, and if that person edits their entry, the changes automatically happens on the shared entry, because it's actually just the same entry. Basically it's just showing the same entry content, just on a different journal.

Some considerations:
- I think only public entries should be shareable -- these are entries that are composed for a wider audience. But then -- would you be allowed to lock/remove a shared public entry? Or to edit a shared public entry?
---> On the editing front, having the ability to edit means that if you made a mistake, you can correct it instead of having the wrong information propagate. But having the ability to edit also means that you can edit your entry to say something completely different. So... maybe once an entry is shared, you can only edit-to-append, but not edit-to-delete?
---> On the locking front, I feel like once an entry is shared, it's now part of the common discourse, and one person (even the original poster) shouldn't have the ability to then remove it from said discourse. But maybe if the original poster doesn't want to deal with it anymore, they can lock or remove it from their own journal, but the entry will still show up on journals that have shared it. In this case, locking or removing it means that the original poster no longer gets notifications about it, and is no longer viewable on the original poster's journal, and the original poster attribution is removed from the entry.

- Sharing a particular comment thread: Sometimes, what I want to share isn't just the original entry, but discussion in a specific comment thread. What would be the best way to share that? Maybe there can be a "share this comment" link (as a paid feature?) that allows me to share a version of entry with the selected comment appended to it (along with the standard "view thread" links, as relevant.) Like:
[entry text]
| Highlighted comment: [comment text]
| [standard comment links]
[standard entry links]

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