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summercomfort ([personal profile] summercomfort) wrote2016-11-16 04:02 pm

Life, et al

So we have a house now. Or rather, a cute 2-story, 3bed 2bath condo end unit. We kept hitting roadblocks when trying to get a mortgage (to Hoosband: "what do you mean you don't have credit?" to me: "wait, you own the company? That makes you self employed, we need to start over.") So... it's now a family loan.

Thus begins: the move. Which is currently in the "bookshelves" stage. I dread when we're down to the "miscellaneous bits" part of the move, where everything gets shoved in boxes and then I'll have to spend weeks trying to filter through that.

Parents have been super helpful in taking the babbu for large chunks of the day, so that I can do work. (Which I've really needed, since our company is down 2 people right now. Which means that I'm trying to do 3 people's work??)

Anyway, some more moving will happen this weekend, and then on Monday we're headed to Chicago for Thanksgiving.

I'm a little frustrated that we're leaving on Monday instead of Tuesday or Wednesday, since this means I'm leaving before our shipping person gets back from China, and I can't do a proper handoff. I blame past-self for not listening carefully when Hoosband was buying the tickets.
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[personal profile] catastrophy 2016-11-22 02:08 am (UTC)(link)
Yay, condo! (Boo, the trials and frustrations of home-ownership paperwork hell!)

Excitement and jealousy of your Chicago relatives getting to see you in person!