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townhouse update

So, went to see Hoosband's real estate agent today, who spent 2 hours going over everything with me. Then we wrangled mom to see the place, and I got really excited about the prospect of owning it -- started imagining hosting comickers hangouts in the living room/patio area, admiring all the extra storage space, and having a guest bedroom!!

Then I got home and Hoosband's like "oh, I thought we were just doing this like a test run. Do you actually want to get the place?" There's a lot of "holy shit we have to make such a ginormous decision in the next 3 days" hand-wringing, which experience tells me is pretty much going to happen every time we look at buying a home.

Which led to lots of talk and angst and it's boiled down to:

- I'd like at least 1 extra bedroom and some extra living space to host people (it worked out well back when we lived in a house because we'd do our "living" in the living room and do our hosting in the family room)
- Hoosband would like the flexibility of renting, for a variety of reasons.
- We'd both like to stay in this area, but aside from our current apartment, there isn't another rentable place with pool and yard. But our apartment complex is all 1-bedrooms, so we can't just switch to a 2-bedroom. Everything else that fits our criteria is for purchase. (average $1.5 mil)

So.... I think the solution is *not* to buy a house (which involves sinking in all of our savings, *and then* paying $4500/month. And also moving.) I *think* the solution is to rent another 1-bedroom apartment in our complex.

No wait, hear me out:
- current living room: for our piles and general living-in-filth, and for when singular friends visit
- other living room: for hosting get-togethers! For extra space hangouts! Rutabaga can run around there freely without worrying about wires and other sharp stuff as much. Playdates.
- other bedroom: for hosting friends overnight, for when one of us needs a quiet work or study area.
- other closets: for storing more long-term things, like the tubs of legos, the taiko drums, the comics prints, the camping gear, the luggage, the used baby stuff, etc.

We'd basically be getting roughly the same amount of additional space as the townhouse, and paying roughly the same amount of money as the mortgage, but with the flexibility of renting! Plus it's not like "arrrrgh gotta decide right now!!!" I can keep an eye out for the next apartment opening. Then! When we don't want to live in this area anymore, we can go to the new location and rent a proper 2- or 3-bedroom.

Anyways, gonna sleep on it, but I think this is the right thing to do.
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That's a dope solution. Also bonus when you host people: additional stove and cooking capacity. :D