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Well, I shouldn't be awake but I am. :/

It's been a little over a week since moving back to the apartment. I've tentatively resumed about 60% of my work, and thus far have discovered that the max # hours Rutabaga can handle being at work with me is about 4. So I think I'm going to confine it to Monday mornings at the office, Tuesday morning/afternoon at parents' place. Wednesday and Friday I'll work at home. Thursday I used to be at the office all day, between 3 different meetings. I might try to move the morning meetings to Monday or Friday? Which would make Thursday just the afternoon. Last Friday we left Rutabaga with the parentals for a few hours after dinner, which was really nice, so we'll try doing that this time, too. After some pretty Serious Talks with Jono last Thursday night, we've definitely gotten much better at working together re: Rutabaga! But I'm worried about when he goes back to work for realz on Monday -- he'll be gone for about 12 hours a day, and coming home tired. :-/ I've been trying to do the baby wrangling to and from the office myself each day, but it's been nice to have someone to hand Rutabaga to when I'm getting lunch at the office, or when I need a quick nap. We'll see how it goes next week.

Thus far we haven't been using the stroller, in part because it requires carrying the baby in the carseat, and it's not something that my wrist can handle. Instead, I've been using baby carriers. The Mei Tai wrappy one is really comfortable for walking around the neighborhood, and Rutabaga can be in it for 1-2 hours no problem. But its long sashes makes it cumbersome if I need to be constantly taking her in or out of the carrier, so I also got one with buckles and stuff, which I use to take her to the office or the parentals -- really it's just for the walk to and from the car: the carrier allows me to have my hands free to carry all the other stuff.

Leg rash remains mildly irksome. Incision continues to heal. Yesterday I tried wearing one of the pairs of pants I wore while pregnant, and it chafed so much in just an hour that it made the skin near my incision bleed. Oops. So I guess I'm back down to 1 pair of sweatpants and 1 pair of "going outside" pants, neither of which have pockets. :( Hopefully this problem will only last another week or two??

Wrist has stabilized, after a 2-day regression on Saturday and Sunday. (I was a fool and did some taiko practice with Jono on Friday night -- bachi flips are not good for the wrist, guyz.) But now it's mostly back to the "don't put too much stress on it" zone, where it only hurts when I pick up the baby or when I hold her for too long. Am keeping up the wrist exercises.

Breastfeeding-wise, for the last week or so I've been doing boob every other feeding, which comes out to be about 20 minutes each time, 4-5 times a day. This hits a great sweet spot where my boob is emptied every 4-6 hours. (If it's less than 4 hours, my nipple is unhappy from too much pain. If it's more than 6, my boob gets too swollen.) But Rutabaga's starting to drink more but less frequently -- her feedings are stretching from every 2-3 hours to every 3-4 hours. This means that doing every other feeding might push the interval to the 7 or 8 hour mark, which is too long, but doing every feeding might be a bit too short. I guess I should just suck it up and do every feeding until all of the feedings lengthen into the 4-5 hour zone.

This has also been affecting our night time schedule. We've been doing pretty good -- I'd take the midnight and the 6am, and Jono'd take the 9pm and the 3am. The 3am wake-up is the hardest for me to fall back asleep from, and the 6am is the hardest for Jono, so between the two of us, we'd both get some good sleep. But with the increasing mismatch between boob needs and nighttime feeding needs ... well, tonight I'm up at 3am. :/

(3am is also when I'm hungry and extra itchy. Urg, and I'd just gotten back on a 3 meals per day schedule...)

Rutabaga is extra fussy from about 9pm to midnight. I think it's some combination of gas and wakefulness and wanting to be held and entertained, while at the same time kinda wanting to sleep -- she basically starts crying the second we put her down. Or stop walking. She'd also cry loudly for milk, but then stop drinking after about 10 gulps. It's frustrating, since it's a time when both of us want to sleep. This also happens in the afternoons, in the 2-4pm zone. I wonder if more visual or audio stimulation during that time would calm her down.

Anyways, I've got a WASC report due by Monday, and I'd also like to finish some fandom stuff. Here's a look ahead to the next few days:

- Friday: hopefully work on WASC stuff. Parent dinner night plus some quality couples time. (No taiko practice this time)
- Saturday: Jono's skipping taiko to work on projects. In the afternoon, we're doing a comics worktime!
- Sunday: probably another workday
- Monday: Jono starts commuting to work again.
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Yay, baby wearing! Clark liked it when he was a newborn too.
Then he started to have a strong preference for facing out, and my sling and carrier couldn't accommodate cus he was still too small for outie.

Also, yay for nursing through thrush and figuring out how to make boob and baby as happy as possible!

We had to split nighttime duties to optimize sleep stretches too. Hubs would be tasked to get and change baby and bring him to me, then I would nurse and put him back in crib. (The less I was on feet, the sooner I could fall back to restful sleep.) Eventually, hubs was in charge of non-feeding time wake ups (esp as nursing times lengthened or got eliminated) and I would try to spare him anything after 4am, because he would have trouble going back to sleep after that.

We are contemplating trying for second baby, and it's daunting to think of going back to newborn sleep schedule....

The first couple months after hubs went back to work were hard!
My only advice is to try and sneak a nap when R is napping! Sometimes I would put him on co-sleeper (bumper thingy) and leave an arm by him and we would both nap on big bed.

I wish I could do more than sympathize!

I wave my mental pompoms for you all the time!