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brief body update:
- rash has stabilized to "irksome itching" of the kind that I'm used to
- incision is healing again -- a lot of the sketchy skin bits sloughed off on Sunday, so I feel a lot better.
- boob thrush is continuing. I think Rutabaga has thrush, too. But internet sources say that babies are less bothered by it. The constant pain is no fun for me, though. I stopped the Gentian Violet after 3 days, because even though it's good, it's also mildly poisonous and I don't want to overdo it.
- right wrist is worse. Every time I wake up I need to re-exercise it just to get it to work again. This may not sound like much of a problem except that with the baby schedule, I basically nap 5 times a day. Also, it can't really sustain weight. I've switched to using my personal computer instead of the work one. (The work one is much lighter, so easier for my incision, but it's also much worse for my wrist, especially in terms of typing and scrolling.)
- lochia remains negligible.

So basically, the remaining issues are (a) my wrist, and (b) my boob.

Part of the question is whether breastfeeding is making my wrist worse. Since the last time this was an issue, I'd basically stopped hand pumping. Mechanical pumping still doesn't work well. Instead I've been doing "clutching and squeezing." (I hesitate to call this hand-expressing, since I mostly hold my hand in the same position to reduce wrist usage) I get about 1 oz on the good rounds and 0.5 oz on the mediocre rounds. I've also been breastfeeding 3-5 times a day, which gives my boob a 4 hour break between feeds. (yay!) This was working pretty well until the wrist thing got worse and the thrush. :/

At the end of the day, I think I'll keep doing breastfeeding as long as it's sustainable to my health. My wrist is important to me!! The current plan is to try to keep it active but not put undue stress on it. And if that means less breastfeeding, or less boob-squeezing, then so be it.

In the good news category:
- I can drive again, at least locally.
- I can sit in pretty much any position without hurting myself
- I can go from lying down on the floor to standing up with relatively little trouble.


There's a bunch of intersecting time frames coming up. Hoosband is going to work full time starting May 2nd, which means that by then:
- we need to be moved back to MV
- my health needs to be good enough to take care of Rutabaga on my own
- Rutabaga needs to be up for trips outside of the house (shopping errands, going to the office with me, etc.) This means (a) figuring out the stroller/carrier/carseat stuff, and (b) making sure that I can do it myself.

Ideally, the plan would be thus:
- Wednesday 4/20: move back to MV, spend the day setting things up and adjusting
- Thursday 4/21: spend the morning figuring stuff out, trip to the office in the afternoon (with Hoosband), and possible trip to comickers in the evening (also with Hoosband)
- Friday 4/22: solo dentist appointment, followed by baby doc appointment (with Hoosband).
- Saturday 4/23: Hoosband goes to taiko, I do solo with Rutabaga in MV
- Sunday 4/24: either more solo at home time or possibly longer outing with Rutabaga in the afternoon to the taiko concert
- Monday 4/25: hoosband works all day from home
- Tuesday 4/26: I go to OB/GYN solo. (Possibly also get haircut???)
- Wednesday 4/27 - Sunday 5/1: things mostly stabilized! :)
- Monday 5/2: Hoosband goes to work for realz!

This schedule would allow for a longer transition back to normalcy. The other option is to stay with the parentals until next Monday or Wednesday, which would leave only a week to get all to solo stuff worked out.

But that would only work if my health is viable for all of this. Right now my right hand really can't take any weight, which is troubling. (Have been mostly carrying Rutabaga with my left.) But pretty much everything else works? I mean, thrush still continues to suck, but it's more hinged on the whole breastfeeding thing than mobility. And our apartment is small enough that it would reduce some of my current mobility issues.


Mom made a 10am acupuncturist appointment for me tomorrow morning to see my wrist. I think if nothing too drastic happens there, maybe we'll try moving back tomorrow?
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How's the transition going?