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December 2nd, 2016

summercomfort: (Default)
Friday, December 2nd, 2016 09:40 am
Wow, I'm TIRED. But I just need to power through the next couple of days...

- Sunday will be the day of the Big Move. Today I'll try to pick off a little more miscellaneous with the help of my bro. I've been too tired to move this past week, but ... well, it's gotta happen!! And a lot of friends are coming to help move on Sunday! It... it might get a little crazy! At last count, there's 8 people coming??? :O??

- Tomorrow is taiko + Oakland hangouts with my bro + last day of Chinese School for this quarter. That means I have to get grading and payroll done TODAY. But hopefully it means I can crash a bit tomorrow night, before the Big Move.

- Tuesday is when the printed fan anthology will finally arrive. It's also the official day we're out of this apartment. I spent 3 hours last night getting all the shipping stuff prepped and ready to survive the move, so hopefully when the books show up, I can just stuff, seal, and mail. Well, there's still one more set of prints that are coming today, and also 3 doodles that I need to do. And I'm sort of dreading the part where I stand at the post office Shipping Machine and manually punch in 30 international destinations... But after that, I'll be done!

It... it's been a long month+ of travel and logistics work, both at work and in the post-baby-sleep time. I've been staying off tumblr both due to election drama (oof, thinking about that is still upsetting, and I'm kind of looking on in numb shock as Trump seems to make good on his campaign promises), and because I'm just too tired to be in the right mental state to be on tumblr.

But that's also meant that I'm now in that weird state where I both crave the low-grade social interaction that tumblr offers, and also being too tired to really have the energy for it? :///

... I'll feel better when I have enough brain cells to start thinking about making stuff again. Making stuff comes first, tumblr interactions come second. I interact with people via making stuff, so first I have to have the energy and brain space to do that. I'll just be glad when Christmas is over.

(Ugh, Christmas is like, my least favorite holiday, but everyone wants to make a big deal out of it, what with all the fandom yuletide stuff, and basically having this weird deadline for gift-giving. At least I don't have to give presents to my family. Maybe I should institute an "gifts? what are those?" rule for myself, too. Why can't all holidays just be Chinese holidays where everyone gets together and eats a lot of specialized food?)

Anyway, by this time next week, things will be ... more done.
summercomfort: (Default)
Friday, December 2nd, 2016 11:03 pm
By 3pm tomorrow:
- look over payroll info
- print out payroll slips
- write 30 checks
- buy baby food

By 1pm Sunday:
- take recycling to parents'
- drop off Good Will bags
- label moving areas?? At least bring over some extension cords?

(Now to see how much of the payroll stuff I can do tonight.)